Salesforce Products

Track all your customer information and interactions anywhere. Best practices help move deals along faster.

No matter your position in the workplace, or you just prefer to work inside your email inbox you can now do more.  Create more efficiency and automate complex business processes.

Information is in one place so it’s easier to focus and make quick decisions based on the most current information.

Increase in Revenue

Track all your customer information and interactions. Grow accounts, use best practices and help move deals along faster.

Improved Efficiency

Improve forecast accuracy and management of revenue. No matter the distance do more, from anywhere.

Retention & Advocacy

Customer-focused service and marketing techniques to help get it right the first time

Increase in Revenue 37%
Increase Lead Conversion 43%
Improve Forecast Accuracy 48%

Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey conducted from March 2015- May 2016 by an independent third party Confirmit Inc. on 4 600+ customers randomly selected.

As the demand for quicker and better service rises, an increasing number of companies are turning to Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance customer service while reducing costs.

Salesforce Service Cloud puts all the benefits of cloud computing at your fingertips in a simple, integrated solution that appeals to users across every perspective.

Decrease Support Costs

Detailed dashboards ensure managers can view metrics at any time. Configuration is made easy and reports are available on any device.

Happy Customers

Give a personalised answer with connected customer data. Automatic case creation allows for easy and quick responses and improves customer journey satisfaction.

Improve Productivity

360 degree customer review made easy all in one place. Give advice in real time on relevant topics and allow agents to have a single interface to fix challenges.

Decrease Support Costs 35%
Happy Customers 45%
Improve Productivity 40%

Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey conducted from March 2015- May 2016 by an independent third party Confirmit Inc. on 4 600+ customers randomly selected.

It’s never been so easy to generate high quality leads and create personalised, high quality emails. Salesforce lead data is integrated and updated to make sure the hottest leads are in front of the right people.

True marketing ROI can be unlocked and reported on by linking campaigns to sales data.

Connect interactions from any channel or device, combining customer data and behaviors to create real-time relevant communications that are delivered on your customers’ terms. Respond to and anticipate needs and move a customer forward in their unique journey with your brand.

Marketing Cloud customer data platform integrates all your data in real time, providing the data-driven intelligence you need to know your customers and drive highly relevant, 1:1 communications. from Salesforce is an great platform for companies that need to create custom apps in the cloud. allows users to build apps straight on the platform itself and these apps integrate with other systems without any hardware. applications are easy to use and have reporting and mobile access capabilities.

These applications can also integrate in real-time, syncing with a variety of on-premise solutions.

Build apps in Lightning

Build apps that are easy to drop and drag without writing code. Improve the team workflow, increase efficiency and develop data schemes.

Create apps with code

Make use of reusable lightning components with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create a new interface with Visualforce and choose your framework of choice.

Integrate data

Integrate and connect with any external data source. Make use of powerful API's and stay tuned to all your data at any time.

Assist customers to help each other and themselves with rich, self-service communities. Allow your service agents to focus on the most challenging and serious issues.

Build deeper customer relationships with direct customer interaction and enable customers to share feedback and their delight for your product.

Business Integration

Join communities with data and update records from within. Update opportunities, escalate customer support and allow customers to give feedback.

Customer Personalisation

Connect to experts, groups and content based on personal consumer interests and behaviour. Create personal community participation and welcome feedback and a shared voice.

Accelerate Channel Sales

Connect with resellers, distributors and partners to increase sales. Allow partners access to information and support. Register new leads, update data and manage funds.

Many companies battle to make data actionable for business users, who can use this intelligence to drive the business forward. But this need is becoming imperative to keep pace in the digital market.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud built on the Wave Platform puts data in the control of end users.

Analytics Cloud makes data easily available for everyone and accessible across all devices and increases the amount of data with which users can work more than what a spreadsheet can handle.

Best Practise Templates

Templates are embedded where needed and automatically populated with Sales Cloud data. Dashboards are personalised and self-service exploration is made easy.

Pipeline Trends

Track pipeline movement and revisions. Capture immediate visibility into pipeline changes and accelerate deals to improve sales.

Instant Action

Create and update reports from point of insight. Drill into data, assign a task and close a service case. Expect native integration with speed and security.